בנזדין מזויף בצפון מערב

בתי מרקחת מומלצים על מבקר בית מרקחת

Btw on another note 80-90% of the bars that were tested recently at wedinos testing site contain bromazepam at best or bnz RCs and a few contain nothing?.That’s why I stay away from the bars esp nowadays.Back when I started taking them I got mines from PK Onax brand I put a few now and again to be tested and ALL came back as 100% Alprazolam and people say they don’t trust meds from there?.Nowadays almost every bar in the UK has been pressed with bromaz or sometimes a Benz RC.Yet people still take them and loose days?,no thanks not for me!
בהצלחה @mancman hopefully they can increase your taper time as it’s not a case of 4-6 months for every case and surely a medical physician should know this??
You have to be really careful there are so many good fakes. Generally if you are already on a prescription and you can put the original next to the fake you can usually tell. One of the things I have noticed about fake pills in blister packs is that they have a slightly domed air bubble in the blister pack on the underside. Whereas genuine pills seem to be sort of vacuum packed and they don't have this sort of bubble effect.

Might be something of nothing but in general it's a good way of picking out what's what
Just to bump this as I bought some of these recently, off the street not online and they were bunk. Did absolutely nothing.

Seems buying bens in the UK is becoming increasingly difficult and even buying online you have to be careful, I avoid the bensedin now. I used to be big into the RC scene back in the day but I avoid them now. If I'm ordering diaz I want diaz, not some potentially dangerous RC. Some of them, according to wedinos, seem to contain something called Metonitazene. Metonitazene is a synthetic opioid and from what I've found online is pretty dangerous as it has a potency similar to fentanyl. Most are bromazolam though. I don't mind bromazolam but that's not what I intend to purchase.

Be extremely cautious buying bens in the UK at the moment, and if you do get them tested first.
@tirorin I got some pills from India for sleeping, I asked them for something decent but they didn't need to be top shelf.

I woke up needing the bathroom, all I remember is staggering to the bathroom like I was extremely drunk. I ended up failing onto a solid marble floor and waking up. Whether I was unconscious for 5 minutes or 5 hours, I have no idea since I have no idea what time I woke up.

Ultimately I banged my head which explained the blood on the floor (fortunately not a usual head injury bleed) plus, my shoulder feels like I ripped the shoulder cuff, I literally couldn't move it for about a week.

Be very careful what you buy particularly if you are on other meds too. If I hadn't woke up I would/could have laid there for days with a blood clot in my brain.

Its why I like to stick to the clients who I have always trusted and stockpile so I have an emergency detox supply.
@Mrob1982 I’m pretty sure they’re Itizolam at best or bromazolam,makes people think they’re ok as they feel something. If your a regular Diaz user you’ll know it’s NOT the same feeling especially if you take quite a few it’s like the fake Alp bars people can loose days taking just 2-3 of them especially the green hulk 3mg (pressed) bars.
Ps my advice is send half a pill to the Wedinos research facility in wales and they tell you exactly the active ingredients.You can check they’re site for existing Bensiden most are bromazolam and it seems there’s loadsa copies doing the rounds atm!
@Mrob1982 Yes Galenika Bensiden are proper diazepam if soured from the COO.Although tbh I’ve never rated them my favourite from that part of the world is Auprin,it seems Bensiden are heavily copied these days and unfortunately Auprin are harder to source with Bossaurin brand being offered instead?.However the trusted vendors I used to depend on have shut up shop as it’s becoming harder for them to get them outa there country (Serbia) ect 🥲.It’s a pitty I didn’t know this would happen as I’d have a very big stash of Auprin now but hindsight’s a wonderful thing 🤷‍♂️.
Beware of diazepam as well as it can be etizolam, some vendors are upfront about this but others not so much. I just hate buying something and receiving something else. I do love me so etiz though.
@tirorin Yeah but etizolam are usually pressed and in fake Diaz (if your lucky) there’s loads of chalk about that turn your tongue blue.Plus etizolam is cheaper usually.You should get what you pay for Imoa….

I've had the etiz as the active ingredient but they look blue like a diaz and come in blisters. The vendor is upfront they're not real diazepam though and they are in fact etizolam. I do love etizolam but it's a bit too addictive for me, got me hooked in 2 weeks and spent 2 damn years addicted to benzos. : Lol:

Most street diazepam are fake though and IIRC actavis don't do diazepam anymore so they're all fakes.
Had Bensedin that feel like they are all different strengths,got a few strips left from topmeds,the strip I started using this week doesnt feel like 10mg at all ,maybe 6?
I was used to the apaurins from over there as well,didnt use an UK vendor for years,they always were pharma grade cos they actually were.
@tirorin You should be thankful you only wasted 2years and not 20yrs cause it's very easy to do. Some people are addicts and they don't even know it because they don't have the tools to reconize it or they're just in denial. Good luck

Thankfully I am very self aware, I was also abusing in the first place not using. Thank you, it's easy to become trapped on these habits.
I'm still an addict, just a new substance now. But I'm working on it!
I've had both the old red & blue writing on the blisters and the new ones and either my tolerance has went up or the old versions were better....Not sure !? : לא בטוח:
@Mrob1982 Yes, they are all called by their generic name of 'Diazepam.'

The only place that can legally call them Valium is Roche. However in saying that not all Diazepam is the same, even at my local pharmacist they had a terrible brand. I've not had any issues with Bensedin and I've used them on and off for years, albiet things can change in this business but I havn't noticed any difference.
Most street diazepam are fake though and IIRC actavis don't do diazepam anymore so they're all fakes.
That's true, they are called Accord, same signage with the purple but different name altogether, I can't remember the last time I got Activis.

Last time I got actavis was legitimately and in 2014-2016ish haha so it's definitely been a while. They're all etizolam or bromazolam which as I said previously, bromazolam is a waste of time
I thought a lot of bensedine was made by folk with pill presses.The real deal are obviousley the best,after roche these must be the most copied pills out there,or maybe msjs,all used to be decent,most are weak now.
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